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Video: Belgian Fence System Controls ASF Spread in Wild Boars

Belgium has taken a number of measures to control the spread of African swine fever since the disease was detected in the country in 2018.

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HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium leads Beijing economic mission

Belgian economic mission on technical improvements in meat industry.

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Pig Farming in Belgium: Facts and Figures 2018

Belgium is one of the world’s leading producers and export countries of European Pork. Its well-controlled production process, backed by years of experience and a clear focus on export, leads to a stable position on the trade market.

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Biosecurity, Traceability and Surveillance: 3 Pillars of Belgium’s Successful ASF Approach

Despite the outbreak of ASF in wild board, Belgium succeeds to keep its domestic pigs—and, as a result: its pork—virus-free. Belgium’s trusted approach is based on biosecurity, traceability and notification.

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Biocheck: Scoring System to Guarantee Biosecurity

Belgium has a great number of measures in place to guarantee biosecurity in pig farms and the pork production process. They prove their value in the aftermath of the ASF outbreak in Belgium.

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European Pork: 3 Countries Re-Open Import from Belgium

Despite the outbreak of ASF in September 2018, Belgium succeeded in keeping its domestic pigs and its pork virus-free.

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African Swine Fever: How Belgium Successfully Keeps Its Pork Virus-Free

Belgium deals well with the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in September 2018. That is the conclusion of European ASF experts. Belgium succeeds in keeping domestic pigs and captive wild pigs free of ASF contamination—thus keeping all its pork virus-free and suitable for consumption and export.

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Fact Check: How come Belgian meat suppliers are 100% customer-focused?

Belgian meat owes its unique position to the people who make up the profession. From breeder, butcher to exporter—all of them know their customers and offer tailor-made services. How come?

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Belgium leads in high-yield pork production

Based on the standardized European SEUROP classification, Belgium has a leading position in terms of slaughters in the highest class.

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Belgium, meat producer in the heart of Europe

Belgium has a long tradition in meat export and occupies a leading role within the European meat production sector. Its location in the heart of Europe is key to its success.

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Fact Check: What makes Belgium a pioneer in food safety?

Within Europe, Belgium has emerged as a forerunner in the area of food safety. From livestock feed to point-of-sale—the strictest control and traceability standards are applied. What’s the main differentiator?

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Belgian meat now reaches 60 countries around the world

Belgian meat suppliers are considered specialists in the export of pork. With customers in 60 countries, their services are known throughout the world.

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These 5 pig brands and their true flavors are on the rise

Consumer choices are more and more based on tradition and true flavors. These are exactly the strengths of the Belgian enterprises, who offer a varied range of traditional pig breeds and brands.

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Belgian pork in the spotlight during state visit to South Korea

From 23 to 28 March, the Belgian king and queen made an official state visit to South Korea. Travelling along in their wake were six CEO’s from pork producing companies.

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What makes Belgian suppliers stand out?

“It takes a certain attitude to export to countries all over the world.” That attitude is just one of the elements that make the Belgian meat suppliers stand out.

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King and Queen meet President Moon Jae-in

At the invitation of President Moon Jae-in, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium will pay a State Visit to South Korea from 24 until 28 March.

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ASF in wild boar in Belgium, no outbreak in domestic pigs

Despite the outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF), Belgium still has a free status for domestic and captive wild pigs. There are no outbreaks in domestic swine.

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