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4 June 2019

Fact Check: How come Belgian meat suppliers are 100% customer-focused?

Belgian meat owes its unique position to the people who make up the profession. From breeder, butcher to exporter—all of them know their customers and offer tailor-made services. How come?

Small businesses, great dedication

Belgium has a robust network of small to medium-sized enterprises, often genuine family businesses. Over generations, they have specialized in the production and export of pork.

Since the businesses have been in the family for decades, the entrepreneur’s spirit literally runs through the veins of today’s meat suppliers. They inherited the eye for quality, safety and… for their customers.


Short lines, long-term relationships

Contacts and contracts are built on long-term relationships. This enables the Belgian meat suppliers to truly get to know their customers and their demands—and meticulously focus on a tailor-made service to meet these demands, delivering exactly what was agreed upon.

One focus, endless opportunities

The suppliers’ ability to work tailor-made goes as far as:

  • Butchering
  • Finishing
  • Packaging

Truly organizing themselves depending on the requirements of the customer, the Belgians often distinguish themselves from the competition. They can create an almost endless number of possibilities.


Pork catalogue

Meat cuts: exhaustive range of Certified European pork cuts, offered by the Belgian meat suppliers.


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Who is who: complete overview of all Belgian meat suppliers, with product specifications, activities, certifications, destinations,…


Get in touch with the Belgian meat suppliers

The Belgian meat suppliers are ready to offer a Certified European pork solution tailored to your needs. Leave your contact details and we’ll find the meat supplier that’s most fit to help you.

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